Tom Carnevale – More about his Bio

Meet Tom Carnevale Site HereMeet Tom Carnevale Site Here

Tom Carnevale is the CEO and Chairman of Sentry 360 Security, which is then considered as an End to End IP Video Solutions Company. This company is more focused on the advanced high resolution surveillance cameras and Software management systems. Sentry 360 is known as the leading developer and reliable service provider of lots of advanced surveillance cameras, which are truly needed in the security market. The innovative and high quality immersive 360-degree camera product line is delivering no blind spots as well as no moving parts to ensure complete situational awareness.

Tom has good background in telecommunication industry and so for this, he decided to implement and apply all his technical insights particularly in the security industry. He also then decided to start his 1st entrepreneurial start-up business known as JCS Digital Security wherein the premier focus of this start-up business is to incorporate and at the same time integrate the best models of surveillance technologies both for the governmental and commercial clients.

Tom Carnevale is not only focused in managing his duties in Sentry 360 because he is also one of the active consultants of the Garson Lehman Group. This group where he plays an important role is an independent primary research firm. They are serving and providing reliable services to lots of investments leaders and business individuals not only in North America but also in Europe and Asia. Also, Gerson Lehman Group is a network of physicians, consultants, engineers, scientists, market researchers, attorneys, and other professionals who came from the different parts of the world. Tom had great experience with this group, which then helped him grow and become a successful one.

Tom does his duties through phone consultations and through face to face sessions with major business personalities and investment leaders who also specializes in the developing video surveillance technology and security technology companies that markets, analyses, and shares the possible growth of the market.

Meet Tom Carnevale Site HereTom Carnevale is lately named as the SCHOLAR level consultant meaning he is very in-demand in more than 70% of the 400,000 consultants of GLG. Since he is also known as a professional speaker especially in security industry, Tom is also given the chance to talk and discuss issues about various topics that include Intelligent Video Applications & Storage Compression and IP Video Convergence. The events wherein he is invited to share his ideas and insights about such technologies include NYC Battery Park 911 wherein this is municipal security meeting as well as on the IP User Group.

In September 2007, the unique products of Sentry 360 was highlighted and featured in the Security Distributing Magazine, Technology section and though the company has lots of competitors, still Sentry 360’s products was awarded as top 25 show stealers in the 2007 International Security Conference. Tom Carnevale had lots of experiences both in technology and security industry. He had joined and interacted with groups of professionals for him to develop more his abilities and share his expertise and insights about their field of specialization.